Happy. Healthy. Whole.

My Story - How I Became a Health Coach

As some of you know, my focus for a long time was acting.  Even when I moved back to Kentucky from Los Angeles, I continued chasing that dream by auditioning and enrolling at CCM (College-Conservatory of Music at UC).  This is not an easy school to get accepted in to, so when I got the call, I was more than ecstatic.  This assured me that I was doing the right thing in pursuing my acting career in Cincinnati.  But the universe had a different plan for me.  And CCM ended up giving me the greatest gift that I could not yet envision for myself.

You see, the universe will guide you to where you need to be.  It is always helping you create the life you are supposed to live - your purpose.  The saying goes "Find your passion and it will lead you to your purpose".  Well, my interest of clean eating had started about 10 years prior, but I didn't realize it was my passion.  It was just something I did for me.  Yes, the more I learned, the more people asked me for information, recipes, etc., but I didn't realize the impact it had on others.

Fast forward to the end of the first semester at CCM...I had been so closed up emotionally and spiritually for over 2 years dealing with a lot of negativity (people and experiences) in my life, that there was no way I could be the best actor I knew I was capable of being.  As an actor, you understand and study the human persona - body language, tones, the psychology behind what people do and why they are doing it.  It's like a second language; when you read a script you have to interpret what they are "really" saying underneath those words.  We are never just our words.  So needless to say, I was confronted with a huge decision to make about my future - was acting my true path?  Little did I know that all this practice on training myself to look at the world and people differently, would help me excel as a Health Coach.

In the midst of all this, I was taking a class called "Artist In Society" which was a class to help us develop our voice as an artist.  At the end of the semester we were required to create a manifesto on how we wanted to use our voice.  I decided I wanted to speak about the obesity crisis in America.  As I created this manifesto, I felt my heart feel more than it had felt in quite some time.  But of course, I wanted to control everything and these feelings weren't on my radar yet, so I ignored it.  The semester end came and I realized I was still not happy.  Not happy with my life, not happy with my job, not happy with my relationships, not happy that I struggled to support my family.  I didn't understand, because per my thought process, I should be happy.  I was pursuing my dream, right?

Well, what I thought I wanted and what my purpose was were two different things.  I realized I needed to trust in the universe again.  I knew that I needed to make some sort of change because nothing I was doing was making me happy.  I decided not to go back to CCM, a decision that ached so deep in my heart.  It was extremely difficulty to decide to quit what I had been pursuing for so long.  I had poured my heart and soul into acting and to give up all that hard work and dedication was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.  But I knew it was time to change and change is never easy.  I left CCM not knowing what my next step in life would be.  It was scary.  But I looked at all the things I knew about me.  I knew I liked helping others feel good about themselves, I knew I could motivate others, I LOVED food and cooking and talking about it.  I knew I wanted to do something that fed my soul and would help me grow as an individual and spiritually.  So I took a chance.

Shortly after, I was presented with an opportunity to attend a workshop about juicing and gluten.  I went and saw this lady teach others about gluten, how to juice and what it was.  To my amazement, I knew everything she was talking about.  I thought back to my manifesto and remembered all those feelings I had when writing it.  I went up to speak to this woman after the workshop.  She told me her story of how she quit corporate and decided to become a Health Coach and teach yoga and that she's never been happier or healthier.  That's when I found my path.  Once I relinquished control and trusted that I would be guided in the right direction, it came to me.  Now I get to live the life I've always dreamed of.  One that motivates others.  A life that helps others feel deeply, that heals, that helps them to also become their best self and live a happy and fulfilling life.  I couldn't ask for anything more.  I continue on my path every day, growing, doing good for others and the world.  I am finally happy.